Thursday, March 24, 2011

Arrogance witnessed at the University Club 03/24/11

As we stood on each side of the parking garage driveway into the University Club today the rich, in their Lexus', Jaguars, Mercedes, and other assorted luxury cars, laughed at the people with their arrogance and disdain. Four or five gave us the finger. The people, exercising their right to protest were looked at from the upper windows of the Club with contempt- laughing, waving, drinking their drinks and showing their hate of the working class. If you were there you know. If you had been there you would have been shocked by their arrogance, or maybe not. The police, still not believing that we are not violent, were there in force- lining the drive in, mounted officers on their beautiful mounts patrolling the edge of the street-most of them tense and even one shaking his head at the protesters in disgust as the rich passed behind him giving us the finger. It all seemed backwards. These kinds of attitudes are the ones which are going to push the people to the limit. Their arrogance unbridled, encouraged by a short term victory which the people will reverse. I can only describe my anger with these words-There are more of us than there are of them. One person, one vote. Make it count. We are awash in cash an as the rich complain about taxes they drive their luxury into guarded rooms and throw their dollars at those who will enrich them more. Have you spoken? Will you speak? The time is now.

As witnessed 03/24/11 at the drive to the University Club-with the people.