Saturday, April 9, 2011

A purple world.

Notice that Waukesha county is not really in line with the rest of Wisconsin. Notice too that Milwaukee county is not in line with most of Wisconsin. Most of Wisconsin is purple, not blue or red. Most of the nation is purple, not red or blue. I wonder what a world map of this sort would look like. This makes me think that most of us have more in common than we think. Maybe we shouldn't be red or blue. Maybe we should become purple. Maybe that one act will give courage to turn others purple. Maybe we should turn of the media message and begin to talk and listen to each other. Maybe we can make our sameness work for us, all of us, rather than one side or the other. I believe this can happen because the bottom line is we need to, or we shall divide ourselves into nation states rather than preserve our nation. Maybe this can happen, just maybe. What do you think?